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This application page allows prospective students to submit their application and enrollment fee on-line. All the information submitted is treated as confidential and will only be forwarded to the Admissions Department at AIU.
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* Payment due on or before the fifteenth day after Enrollment.
**Payments due on or before the fifth day of each month.
Please note that Tuition Fees are not TIME or CREDIT HOUR sensitive.  The Tuition Fees are Degree Level sensitive only.  Tuition Fees remain constant regardless of the number of courses taken, or the length of time consumed completing the required course of study.
The enrollment and graduation fees are not included in the tuition fee schedule. The tuition fee schedule is an estimate which depends upon the number of credits needed to complete each program as determined by the Admissions Committee.
Tuition Payment Plans are separate and discreet from Academic Work Schedules.  All students are subject to enrollment fee of $300 and graduation fee of $300. All tuition fees must be paid prior to graduation.
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